By: magicspacedesigns On: October 13, 2021

There’s no point in looking up at a plain ceiling and overthink life – we say add a little drama with some false ceiling designs. False ceilings are those that are hanging separately and below the original ceiling. These are getting quite popular with homeowners who like to add decorative elements to their living space. 

Take a Look at the Latest False Ceiling Design for the Bedroom

#1. Playful Designs

You can add random colourful designs to the ceiling of your kid’s room. Let them have their fantasy land – that will make them happy and stay cheerful often. 

#2. Coffered Ceilings

The coffered ceiling makes your room looks comfortable. It gives a grip-like pattern style to your ceiling and is great for minimalist styles. These can be made of either gypsum or wood, and hence versatility can be expected. 

#3. Floating Island

The floating island idea works perfectly if you want to highlight an area in your bedroom. Homeowners often use it right above their bed and focus on anything below the independent island.

#4. Wooden Rafters

Designs don’t necessarily have to be modern. They need to have a personal feel. If you are looking to give your room a nostalgic vibe, wooden rafters in the ceiling are perfect to go for. 

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#5. Wooden Planks

If you have wooden flooring, you might want to consider wooden planks for your false ceiling. Wooden planks for false ceilings don’t have to be expensive – especially if you are not looking for real wood for designing. 


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