Vastu Shastra for Interior Design

Beauty has no value unless it is promoting wellness, happiness, and peace in life. Hence, Magic Space Designs your interior decoration according vastu shastra. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of interior decoration and construction of homes in harmony with the natural elements. The science is aimed at providing guidelines to interior decoration and architecture to build and design places that ensure good health and wealth for the dwellers.

Interior Decoration According Vastu Shastra

Magic Space Designs follows the guidelines and rules of vaastu shastra for interior design in Ahmedabad to decorate and design walls, furnishings, furniture, doors, and windows. Our designers work in close coordination with the vastu experts for the right placement of the objects and elements in your places.


During the designing process, we take complete care of your vastu concerns and ensure that the decoration contributes towards your prosperity. Every aspect of the interior decoration is considered as per vastu before it is mapped out and implemented. Here are some of the major considerations as we design beautiful places for you.


#1 Suggesting the right layout of the whole area and individual spaces

#2 Designing and placement of the furniture in the rooms

#3 Right placement of accessories and appliances in the kitchens

#4 Placement of mirrors and other objects in the rooms

#5 Right colours for the walls, doors, windows, and exteriors as per vaastu

#6 Suggesting preferable plants in the homes

#7 Suggesting and ensuring the entrances are in the proper direction


We provide vastu shastra interior design in Ahmedabad for small room, household and office, we make sure the place is filled with positive energy for the occupants. We follow vastu shastra in details for designing your main entrances, surroundings, bedroom, living room, guest room, bathroom and other areas. We are also skilled in designing interiors for shops, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals as per the recommendations of vastu shastra.


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