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Everyone wants to have a house that looks beautiful and welcoming, and interior decor plays a big role in it. It is a misconception among most people that getting interior decoration done is expensive and a waste of money, which is the reason most houses just remain a place to live and not enjoy. In this blog by Magic Space Design, our interior decor experts will show you how you can decorate your home without breaking the bank.

Ways to Save Money while Decorating Your Home

Giving your home a makeover doesn’t have to be expensive, here are some of the ways you can give your home a makeover at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Use what you have

The best thing to do for both saving money and the environment is to reuse the things you have. You can reuse furniture in your new home or repurpose it and achieve great results.

Think about adopting a simple look.

Minimalist style is the latest concept in interior decoration. It helps keep décor clutter free, simple and more restrained.

Make a theme

Having a theme of color, material, and design as in contemporary, classic, or retro will allow you cut cost as you’ll only buy things that go with a theme.

Buy Only What You Need

Mixing and matching pieces of decor will help you cut off on ending up buying useless items which don’t go with each other in terms of color or material.

Establish a savings account just for house furnishings.

Although customers frequently use shop credit cards to finance furniture and other home furnishings, it is always preferable to pay the full amount up front and avoid incurring debt.

Open a new savings account particularly for home décor as one clever approach to save for this. Make affordable monthly installments, and you’ll have more money available for home décor when you need it.

Buy only quality items

Some individuals believe quality furniture to be an investment, which isn’t always the case. It’s unlikely that your sofa will ever sell for more than you paid for it, unless you’re royalty. Investing in high-quality beds, sofas, and rugs will save you money in the long term because you’ll probably keep them for a lot longer than you would cheaper substitutes.

Examine local websites

Sellers often advertise used products they no longer need on local marketplace websites like OLX and Quikr, and you can get high-quality items at a significant discount. These websites are particularly helpful for purchasing furniture like couches, cupboards and tables that can be pricey to purchase brand-new.

Purchase display furniture and decor items from stores.

Buying things on display that shops use in their showrooms is one clever tactic. Given that you might purchase furniture at a price that is half that of its original cost by doing this, there may be a little wear on these, but it is typically nothing major.

Don’t Miss end of season sale

Go to furniture stores near the end of a season when they’re trying their best to get rid of outdated stock before bringing in fresh stock.

Buy furniture on EMI

Though we don’t completely support this, you can buy furniture if your credit card supports EMIs at 0% for a period of time. An important point to remember is that If you can’t pay off your debt before the EMI period expires, you’ll be charged interest on the balance that remains.

Hire a Professional Decorator

Hiring a professional decorator might seem like an expensive idea, but in reality, you’ll end up saving a lot of time, fuel, and money. These professionals come with loads of decor ideas and expertise, and they have tie-ups with furniture and decor shops to get you the best prices on everything. They can get the work done without you having to run around.

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Though interior decoration might seem like a waste of money to you right now, it is very essential to make your home or workplace more livable, comfortable, and welcoming. Contact Magic Space Designs if you’re looking for great ideas for your home or office decor.