By: magicspacedesigns On: March 05, 2020

Summers can be killing and keeping the house cool in summers is essential. Magic Space suggests a few easy ways how to keep house cool in summer naturally that you may adopt during the scorching heat.


6 ways how to keep house cool in summer naturally are as follows:

#1 Dehumidify

In case you reside in an area which is mostly humid, and if your sweat takes time to evaporate, then you should wear some loose cotton clothes or some other natural fabrics for boosting the process of cooling. Lowering humidity would help keeping house cool in summer. And magic space design – Interior Design Company in Ahmedabad will help you to design your ideal resident which keep house cool in summer naturally.


#2. Reduce as well as reflect sunlight

Direct sunlight which comes into the house may also raise the temperature of the house. Placing curtains, reflective window panes or blinds may help in keeping the sun away from the house. Keeping the direct sun’s rays away from the room would help in reducing the warmth of the space and this will help you to keep home cool in summer.


#3. Turn the lights off when not needed

Lights produce heat and that to incandescent ones. In case you do not wish to replace the antique bulbs in your house, you may at least minimise the usage of these bulbs. Some people also prefer installing solar panels for minimising the cost of electricity.


#4. Be smart about the doors

In case the room is cool as compared to the outside temperature, then close all the doors. This would help in retaining the cool temperature of the room for a longer period of time even on warm days.


#5. Avoid cooking inside

The kitchen creates as well as retains a good amount of heat while the food is being cooked. A good idea is to do all the cooking during the cool time of day. In case you are not able to cook in the backyard, then you may go for a backyard barbecue.


#6. Put on some smooth white colour fabric covers on the furniture

While colour fabric covers help in retaining less amount of heat in the furniture. The covers also help in reflecting light. Some people also say that white fabric absorbs less amount of heat from the sunlight. The residential interior and the furniture inside stay cooler because of this. And this will help you to give cooling your house in summer