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There are four most common mistakes individuals make while decorating a tiny space as revealed by interior designers.

Let’s have a look at these most common small space design mistakes.

#1. Cutting Corners on Lighting

An area where people make tiny space blunders is lighting. No one wants to trip over wires in a compact space, so some homeowners forego accent lighting. Shouldn’t overhead lighting be sufficient? On the other hand, dark corners can make a room feel even smaller, so utilise accent lighting to highlight every inch of a tiny space for maximum impact.

#2. Everything Touching the Walls

It’s a brilliant stager’s trick to push all the furniture against the walls of a small room, but it doesn’t always work. It can lead to odd layouts and limited design options. Consider shifting couches away from walls to make room for small tables or a more socially friendly layout. The room’s centre may feel a little smaller, but you’ll gain a lot of design points.

#3. Excessively Breaking Up the Space

Avoid visually splitting up the room too much since it will feel compartmentalised and smaller than it is. With discretion, use room separators, varied flooring and wall colours, and even rugs, and consider carrying the key elements throughout the house. A continuous length of the same flooring or paint colour creates a sense of fluidity and opens up the space.

#4. Impatience With Natural Light

The easiest approach to visually extend a room is to let in as much natural light as possible. Play with the concept of ‘light and shadow’ in your space. One solution is to use a smart mirror; another is to use sheer drapes to filter light rather than block it. The wall paints, colours, and the colour of the furniture should be light and reflect so that the whole mood is brightened.

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