By: magicspacedesigns On: September 02, 2020

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

Below are the top 10 ideas which may be used for modular kitchen designs:


1. L-Shape Kitchen

L Shape kitchen is the first option that homemakers put their eyes on. The design is compact and looks beautiful. It gives perfect space to the user apart from keeping itself well organised. The cooking space and the washing space could be divided easily for making it easily assembled and user friendly.


2. U-Shape Kitchen

When you are looking to add sufficient space in the kitchen and also wish to separate it from living space but still need a quick access to your dining space, U shape kitchen is the best.


3. Parallel Kitchen

A parallel kitchen is the best which consumes less space. This type of a kitchen is known as gallery kitchen. It lets the floor be empty so that a small area is left for walking away.


4. Straight Kitchen

Straight kitchen is single wall kitchen that contains everything you may need in linear fashion. The layout of this kitchen is simple and it’s quite suitable for single user. Even though the cabinet’s storage is setup above the head that offers a well organised look.


5. Island Kitchen

Island along with modular kitchen helps in facilitating the counter space to the existing case work. It may be fitted in different types of kitchens. It creates a sensible area for working.


6. Peninsula Kitchen

This type of a kitchen is similar to the island kitchen but the difference lies in the position as well as size of island. It acts as the permanent dining space too.


7. Stainless Steel Kitchen

Stainless steel kitchen is user friendly because it has an easy maintenance, its corrosion free, it’s flexible and has a unique design.


8. Tropical Kitchen

The tropical style kitchen is trending these days as people wish to relate to nature more and this style gives that laid back sense of style. The best part about this type is its traditional design and the ornamental carving.


9. Matte Theme

This is another popular style of kitchen. It’s moody, cool and looks classy. Black is not considered to be negative anymore. With the matte finish and all the variations of the counter shades gives that industrial look.


10. Material Finish kitchen

Material like wood, steel, granite, marble, etc. give a beautiful yet simple look to the cooking area.


By Magic Space Designs