By: magicspacedesigns On: August 24, 2020

Keeping the bathroom looking vibrant and classy is not easy. However, luckily enough whether yours is a small bathroom or a large one, below are some of the latest bathroom decor ideas which would help you in making your bathroom look resplendent.

Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

#1 Freestanding sink and bathtub

A classic bathroom which does not get outdated matches any bathroom style easily. Then whether you are looking to add a modern style of stone resins such as copper. Even though they might look costly, but the freestanding sinks and bath tubs help in increasing the value of a property and also help in retaining their value with time.


#2 Her and his divided private vanity

An extremely popular and very practical option for most of the bathrooms is 2 sinks rather than just one. When you have double vanity, 2 people may stand together and get ready and even use the bathroom without problem. There would be sufficient space for the 2 people as well as their items. The mirror is an important part of a bathroom, and thus all your focus needs to be on first make since it looks stylish as well as elegant. It’s a very popular option which gives flexibility. It also makes the bathroom look compact and sleek.


#3 Accent walls in the bathroom

The accent walls offer central location for the bathroom which become the focal point of the bathtub or vanity whatever you may want to highlight. As you can guess from the name, it’s the walls in the bathroom which are made of different colour or material for contrasting against rest of the bathroom. The popular options include brick, marble, natural stone, mosaic tiles, wood, etc. You can also paint the walls in black colour and it would function as wall mural. For giving it a very modern look and style, you may also use mirrors as the accent wall.

Adding striking and vibrant look to the bathroom does not require adding new cabinets or sink, many a times its just simple like repainting the existing bathrooms. Another very popular trend of bathroom is to replace the old drabbed shades with something prominent and striking. Lime green colour is also a very common option giving the property that summer look and feel while matte shade is also becoming popular giving it a very strong accent. Blue also matches properly with the saturated space, and so all the colour have their own features. Contact  Magic Space Designs on to design your bathroom.

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