By: magicspacedesigns On: February 14, 2022

Feng shui and ancient Roman geometric patterns are examples of how interior decorating trends have been used for millennia to help us find inner peace. Similarly, the use of earth-tone colours and geometric designs in ancient Rome was a way of mimicking nature’s harmony. 

These are some of the best 2022 interior design trends popularly followed

Natural Products

You can anticipate witnessing more use of natural products in 2022. It’s no secret that using natural materials to decorate a home helps to reduce the variety of technologies we are compelled to utilise in this strange time. To counteract the effects of our computerised lifestyles, we should incorporate natural materials such as plants, wood, etc., into our house décor.

Moroccan Influence

Moroccan design emphasises cosiness, desert-inspired hues, and a variety of organic textures and materials. Flowing lines, vivid tile work, and arching architecture are prominent features. A solid interior design trend based on Moroccan influences is expected in 2022.

Green Shades

The colour green has been famous for some time and will remain so in 2022. Having a relaxing effect, it’s linked to growth and the natural world. Green is a way to reconnect with nature in a technologically-driven world. Interiors in 2022 are expected to embrace olive green and its warm shades and deeper jewel tones through furnishings, plants, and décor. 

Black Elements

In 2022, natural features will continue to be trendy, but black accents will also gain popularity. This is most likely due to the striking contrast with the warm tones of organic wood and other natural materials.


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