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Due to a wide variety of exposure to media, children these days have become enamoured with different characters and they wish to buy all theme food, toys, decor, clothes, accessories, etc. The issue is that our kids would soon outgrow the affinity to these themes much before the wallets of their parents recover from such purchases. 

In case you are really looking to indulge your kids in any such theme related interior decor for kids room, below are some of the ways of creating the dream bedroom for your child.

#1. Choose some neutral colour palette

It might not go with the current trends of interior décor. Rather it might go completely against all the decorating trends, you should resist that urge of going all in a colour. You should select neutral colours for your furnishings, walls, carpets, fixtures, window coverings, etc. But it is very important to note here that neutral does not signify beige, it just means consistent. 

#2. Add a touch a color with the help of some accessories

Add in some colors with the help of accessories such as toys, pillows, etc. By maintaining a neutral backdrop, it becomes very easy to make cheap up gradation in the room while also enjoying a long life for your investment. 

#3. Create zones in the room

Kids require space for sleeping, playing, dreaming and dressing. Wherever we see 4 walls, they think of adventure, fun and a place where they can freely express themselves or take some rest. Thus, the biggest question is how to make the maximum advantage of the 4 walls. You need to think ahead of the space as just one single room. You need to think for it as different zones. 

By separating the activities, it is possible to show your kids how their bedroom is their space with everything that is needed except the food or you.

#4. Add some storage

It’s the dream of every parent to contain crafts, toys, books, etc. However, with the space at premium, most of the homes today don’t have any dedicated play area. Thus, you need to do a favour to yourself. You should design the best way of storing and containing the kids’ stuff. 

Most of the kids are not at all interested in the way their clothes or shoes are stored. That is important for the parents. But, when it is about their belongings, you would want to completely make it battle free. You should consider keeping the storage at a reasonable height where the kids can reach easily. You may use some options of open storage or soft baskets. 

#5. Add dreams to your kids bedroom and make a peaceful place

While we like encouraging our kids to play, have a good time, sometimes it is also important to encourage quiet as well as peace to them. You need to think about creating a zone out where simple reading and some me time is encouraged. A comfy chair or some cushions may suffice this purpose.

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